Sharon and I have just returned from a wonderful six day visit to Houston, Texas!  It was as great to visit my native state and hear those wonderful Texas accents!


We were blessed to appear as Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry at the final night banquet for the Texas School District Police Chief's  Annual Convention.


Texas is one of only a few states to authorize by legislation, the establishment of Police Departments in public schools.  Currently, there are 136 Districts out of over a thousand in the State of Texas who have implemented their own police departments.  Hopefully, that number will continue to increase.


I attended all of the training sessions that the Chief's and members of their staff attended. I interacted for several days with them and discussed  how they viewed their job, the challenges, the rewards, etc.


Sharon and I were extremely impressed with their overall demeanor, professionalism, positive attitude, pride, and the fact that many were very willing to acknowledge that they had a strong faith and they were Christians.  (It was so wonderful to be in a true Bible Belt state where everyone is so free to talk about this.)  We never heard one complaint nor critical comment.


One on one, I asked these questions:


1.  Why are you in this specific area of police work?  Why do you do what you do?


2.  Why do you feel there is a need for your presence on campus?


3.  What are the reasons that have contributed to the fact that we have serious problems on our school campuses throughout the nation?


4. Do you feel the program is working?  Are you making a difference?


Their answers basically followed along these lines:


All the officers applied for this position. They wanted to make a difference in troubled youths lives.  Interestingly, the "problem youths' were fairly divided between males and females.


They felt there would be more gang presence, intimidations, robberies and assaults without their presence.


Most of them said the absence of prayer in the school was a contributing factor. 


 Without exception, these were the other reasons listed and they all had to do with FATHERS.


1. The Father was long gone or had never even been on the scene since birth or early childhood


2.  The Father was in jail, a drunkard, an abuser, or all three.


3.  The Father was a "buddy" or in a role reversal with the child.  The Father exerted little or no discipline.


4.  The Father or Mother, or both wanted to wash their hands of the child and get him/her out of their lives.


In regards to the question of making a difference, they all said yes.  Many shared  testimonials from troubled youths who sought them out later and thanked them for disciplining them, et cetera.


At the banquet I discussed the quality of movies and television in the 50's, how they all held the family unit sacred, were patriotic and held the Christian clergy in reverence.


I then discussed the attack against the family unit by Hollywood in the ensuing years and to where it is today. I discussed what has happened since 1962 when five men said American students could no longer pray and/or have their Bible in the classroom.  


 I did my best to encourage them to continue to make a difference in the troubled lives and pointed out that they may well be the only "Father image" that those youth's may ever see.


I also encouraged them to reconcile with their Father or their children if they had become estranged from them.


Several officers thanked us for coming and that our words had made a positive impact upon them. One said he was prompted to call his daughter that night to reconcile with her.  Another said that he would now look at his job from a completely different position.  We heard many positive comments the next day as well.  We were so happy to know that we had made them feel that what they were doing was extremely worthwhile.


As  usual, we get just as blessed as those we minister!  God is so good!





This Sunday is Fathers Day.  Do you have an unresolved issue with your Father?  Call him.  Do you have an unresolved issue with a son or daughter?  Call them.   Take the first step towards reconciliation. As a Father, you are the leader, the spiritual head of the family.  If we can get all of the Fathers in America, especially those that are Christians, to reestablish this role we can make a positive impact on future generations to come.


Lastly, what is your relationship with your Heavenly Father?  Is it where you want it to be?


Fathers, have a fabulous day.  Children, tell your Father one thing that you really appreciate about him.  Fathers, you do the same for your children.


Remember, freedom isn't free! God bless you, and God please bless the United States of America.