"BLESSED IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD"  PS. 33:12    


I was reading a magazine the other day where it said that of the top 50 Universities in America, NONE of them had a required course in American History!  (Under revisionist history however, I shudder at the alternative.)


Did you know that 106 of our first Universities were established by churches and daily reading of the Scriptures were REQUIRED?


 I also recently heard that of the top 50 churches in the World, NONE of them were in America.


America does however LEAD the world in divorce, teen age pregnancies, murder in schools, drugs, pornography, abortion and bankruptcies.


The following is an excerpt from my (hopefully soon to be published) book entitled "Why Stand We Here Idle?"  (line from Henry's Give Me Liberty or Death speech) Sadly, this is not a complete list, as it keeps growing at a faster rate. 


"If I were Satan and I wanted a World where Christianity is replaced by Humanism and a One World Religion and One World Government to be firmly established to usher in the AntiChrist, I believe this would be my plan:


I have to completely destroy the strongest bastion of Christianity and the freest nation in the World.  Therefore, America has to go.

I can't do this over night, so it must be done on a gradual but then accelerating basis.  After all, my time is short!



(This Crying Eagle was recently sent to me by a Christian brother and I feel most appropriate to this Moment)


1.  Declare that it is illegal to read the Bible and to have prayer in the schools. This is by far the basic ground step

Benjamin Rush, one of the Signors of the Declaration of Independence said:  "The great enemy of the salvation of man never invented a more effectual means of extinguishing Christianity, than by declaring that it was improper to read the Bible at schools."


The absolute key is to capture the youth at an early age. I did this once before in Nazi Germany.  I believe that if I can capture a youth's mind, I can capture his soul.  If I can capture his soul, I can capture his destiny.  If I can capture enough youth's destinies, I can control the future of the nation.  After all, Abraham Lincoln said "The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of the nation in the next."  The Bible says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.  I will use that verse for my own means


I would introduce a program calling for MANDATORY "medical screening" of all students in public schools. Done under the guise of "helping" children with problems.  Through psychological questioning I will set my parameters of who has what problem.  This boggles my mind with the opportunities to control children.


Allow evolution, Humanism, Wicannism, Islam, and New Age to be taught in the school.  Preach tolerance, tolerance, tolerance, but of course Christianity will be excluded. Celebrate Halloween, but not Christmas


2. Rewrite Americaís Christian heritage.  This one will take some time, but some of the things I need to do are:  take Christ out of Christmas and make it a "Happy Holiday."  Take God out of the pledge, remove God from America's national motto, take down the 10 commandments wherever it may be found, remove the cross from state seals, remove prominent crosses from public view.  Portray the Founding Fathers as Deists, don't teach America's heritage even in seminary so the Pastors are kept ignorant of their Christian background. If Pastors believe the lie of separation of church and state, so will their congregations.


My biggest challenge will be the buildings in Washington with all of their references to God, but I am working on this one feverishly. America has toppled buildings and statues in other countries haven't they?  I could probably get by with just sandblasting all of the quotes on the walls.


I would replace them with watered down or politically correct messages


3.   Rewrite or completely eliminate the history of the Christian foundation of America.  Christopher Columbus, Mayflower Compact, Christian American Revolution.  I.E., none happened or it is not significant.  Thomas Jefferson said:  "Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure, when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that those liberties are the gift of God?"


4. Attack the Family Unit.  Ridicule the Father as the head of the Family. Promote the Mother as the true head.  Use Hollywood, via television and movies to accomplish this. Promote homosexuality as a natural alternative to heterosexuality.   Allow gay couples to adopt children.  Do more and more to remove children from the control of the family and give it to the socialistic public school system.  Continue to make it difficult for Godly teachers to be effective in this arena.


Hillary Clinton, who may well be President in 2008, said "It takes a village to raise a child."  This line is right out of communist propaganda.  I have succeeded in duping the free world that Communism is dead...and I have some beach front property in Hell to sell you. I well remember Nitkita Khrushchev's message:  "The American people will themselves raise the flag of Communism!"


5.  Muffle the clergy. This is another key area.  But I have had great luck in the past with this one.  Make "politically correct" instead of "morally correct" the churches motto. I would have the mainstream Pastors preach "prosperity, God is Love, Christians are tolerant" messages only.  I would threaten to take away their tax exempt status if they did not conform.  Once again, I accomplished this in Nazi Germany; I believe I can make this work here as well.


6. Completely disarm its populace. This one is tricky but I am making headway.  I have the Brady bunch working overtime on this one.  This is working very well in the rest of the world. Violent crime is up over 40% in parts of Australia since they were disarmed.

All I have to do is manufacture a real crisis at the right time and then strike.


7. Have a National Identity card so as to set in motion the machinery for monitoring every aspect of each individualís life.  Next stop, put that card in a chip and in the body.  I am pleased to see this is happening on a grand scale with animals (families will not abandon their pets in times of crisis.)  I know the Bible talks about 666 but I would condition America to believe this is but a fairy tale.  Besides once they realize it is the truth, it will be too late.


8. Have a One World Government.  Make America subservient to it. Place this machinery on American soil. Thomas Jefferson (who got the wrong city) said "When all the nations in the world begin to gather in Washington, the government emanating from that will be more frightening than all of the governments up to that time."


9. Allow a flow of illegal aliens to cross the borders. I can slip terrorists in with them. This will ultimately lead to a crisis and the populace will at some point cry out for help, a national emergency will be called for.  The President will call for martial law and suspend the Constitution.  Fortunately, he already has this power.


10. Ship Americaís labor and material pool under the guise of a free trade agreement to foreign countries, so that American workers become unemployed, forced to live more and more on credit.  This will encourage more bankruptcies, more distraught families, more cry for government control, etc.


11.. Attack Christianity as bigotry and promote brotherhood of man (New Age) as the best choice.  Use Hollywood to attack and slander Christianity on all aspects. In movies and television, make the Christian the murderer,  the adulterer, the thief, etc.


12. I would destroy the sanctity of life.  I would promote abortion on demand.  I would promote euthanasia as commonplace. (Remember the movie Logan's Run?  Over 35?  You are out of here!)


13. I would use Hollywood to promote violence, foul language, drug usage so that the youth would think it the norm, and this is what America is all about.  If it feels good, do it.


14  I would have the Universities ridicule and attack capitalism, promote socialism as the better choice.  I would teach the students to mistrust authority and put control in the hands of the few,  the elite, the illumined ones.


15.I would gradually make America's  military, and Constitution subservient to the United Nations.  This will assist in taking away Americaís sovereignty and individualism and put them completely under control of a system where their fate is decided by other countries. 


16. I need to weaken the military.  I will close as many bases as possible. (This will be an excellent place to put those dissidents who ultimately would rebel against my master plan for America.) I would put women in the military in combat roles.  The sanctity of womanhood is thus diminished.  Women and men in close contact will lead to extramarital affairs, pregnancies, divorce, etc. 


17. Gradually have the judicial system become a complete runaway maverick institution  No matter the will of the people.  Godless judges will overrule the will of the people all the time. The system will become a great  tool for bringing down America.  I will have these judges make their decisions based on international law rather than our own. They will ultimately toss the Constitution out the window. 


As time goes by I would probably think of other things to do as well. I believe if I could do all of this, America will decay from within and be ripe for a one world dictator and government to show them the true way to eternal peace!! 


Yep, if I were Satan, that's what I would do."


This was a tough Moment to write, many will still refuse to see what is happening before their very eyes.  "Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty. The Bible also says "at what point does the watchmen sound the alarm?"


Oh but if we could get the "church" to truly subscribe to II Chronicles 7:14.  "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, repent, pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their cry from heaven, forgive their sin, and I will heal their land."


Remember, freedom isn't free!   


God bless you, and God please bless the United States of America. 


























Lance Hurley