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Suggested Speaking Dates:


Sunday's before or after the following dates are popular.

  • Feb 18th: President's Day. George Washington discusses how he and other Presidents relied on Jesus Christ for direction.
  • Mar 23rd: Date of Henry's historical speech. Discussion of Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence.
  • Apr 1: Easter Sunday. Any "Father" ties in the sacrifices the Founding Fathers made and the price they paid to give America freedom with the price that Jesus Christ and the other "original" Founding Fathers paid to give us eternal freedom. A powerful message.
  • Apr 19: First official shot of the Revolutionary War. Similar message to March 23rd.
  • May 6: National Day of Prayer. Our Founding Fathers greatly believed in the power of prayer.
  • May 8: Mother's Day. A message to the Mother's on their role in holding the family together against the onslaught of the family unit. Henry had seventeen children.
  • May 14: Armed Forces Day.
  • May 30th: Memorial Day. Washington and Henry were both in the military. Very patriotic message. A tribute to those who served and are now serving in our military.
  • June 14th: Flag Day. Stirring message on the evolution of our Flag and a discourse on all four verses of our National Anthem.
  • June 18: Fathers Day. As Father of seventeen children, listen to Henry's wisdom in the role of a Father. A plea for the preservation of the "tradtional" family unit.
  • July 4th: Independence Day. Tribute to events surrounding Declaration of Independence and God's role in the birthing of America.
  • Sept 11: Patriot's Day, Eternal (internal) vigilance is the price of Liberty. Sobering tribute to those who died that day.
  • Sept 17: Signing of the Constitution of the United States. A wonderful history lesson about GOD'S role in the forming of our nations government. Henry's role in ensuring the Bill of Rights would be adopted by Congress is heavily discussed. Learn how his fears have become realized.
  • Oct 14th: Columbus Day. A tribute to our first Founding Father. Columbus was a strong Christian and this is a history lesson very few have heard.
  • Nov 4: Election Day. Under the wise tutelage of our Founding Fathers, you could not run for public office without signing an oath that you were a Christian.
  • Nov 11: Veteran's Day. A stirring tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price to secure our freedoms.
  • Nov 23: Thanksgiving Day. Discussion of Mayflower Compact and Christian aspects of this special day. Discussion of George Washington's proclamation and other Presidents thoughts on this day.
  • Dec 7: Pearl Harbor Day. (See September 11)
  • Dec 15: Bill of Rights Day. The Father of the Bill of Rights, Henry spoke 5 1/2 hours against ratification of the Constitution without these rights. Henry discusses how these rights are in serious jeopardy today.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, Ps 33:12